„Capolavoro. Masterpiece. The word that strikes through the spectator as a lighting bolt when meeting our products. Entering the eyes and lands in the heart. Art and handcrafted perrfection that transforms the material into a masterpiece." Roland Bakos, owner


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Our manufacture was asked to design and build it's first dog sofa in 2014. Nowadays we have a whole collection of luxury dog sofas under the name of LAVISHDOG. Our collection consist of 10 variations in 3 categories. Upholstered drinkers are also available with our sofas.

Exclusive: Lavish, Reyes, Queen
Luxus: Cuba, Moon, Royal, Deco
Premium: Prince, Simplux I., Simplux II.

During the design process we took in consideration the size and weight of the dogs, built with optimal stability, durability and long lasting comfort. The frames made out of natural wood while the mattresses upholstered with high wear resistance, soft, washable textiles with ziper. The other surfaces of the sofas/beds are also upholstered with high wear resistant design leather, leather, or other type of high quality textiles. Decoratios are created with Swarovski crystals and with color metals.

Our customers can put together the furniture for their exact needs. After choosing the model, they can determine the desired size and the upholstering material from high color range.


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address: 16. Hübner A. str., Székesfehérvár, Hungary, 8000

phone: +36 70 319 3971





Handcrafted high qulity furnitures built for luxurious enteriors.


High quality, luxury furnitures for dogs.

Why with us?

Several decades of experience in the field of furniture design, handcrafted manufacturing, and restoration.
Flexible administration, on site survey, design consulting.
Classic, environment friendly manufacturing techniques.

Roland Bakos



Capolavoro is not following fashion but dictates fashion, orienting public taste. We strive for perfection without compromise. Get to know us!

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