„Capolavoro. Masterpiece. The word that strikes through the spectator as a lighting bolt when meeting our products. Entering the eyes and lands in the heart. Art and handcrafted perrfection that transforms the material into a masterpiece." Roland Bakos, owner


  • Material:velvet, shiny
  • Dimensions:height: 1100 x Depth: 115 x width : 1250 (mm)
  • Style:modern luxury
  • Features:-

CAPOLAVORO is the high end collection of our company. In this collection we are offering armchair, sofa, coffe table, mirror and a piedestal/planter.

Our products are made of exclusive materials with extraordinary care. The frame of the furnitures are made of steemed hardwood (usually beech) and first class pine wood. The hand carved parts (legs, standers) are also made of hardwood. For upholstering we are using high wear resistant materials (mostly shiny velvet), and for the crystal decorations we are using Swarovsky elements. The frame designed with traditional slot joints, notches and serrations - like dovetail toothing - in order to form the most stable, durable furniture structures.  The backrest angles of our seats are chosen with the greatest possible care so the furnitures are not only attractive but also comfortable and truly relaxing to use. Thanks to the well-chosen back angles the backrest takes over most of the weight from the spine and the hip so our furniture will not become uncomfortable after a long conversation and the sitting will not become tedious. We put great imphasis on selecting cushioning. The materials we use are uncompromising in quality in order to create sufficiently soft, flexible and durable surfaces. Our furnitures are all handcrafted to achieve real spectacular views, details and to add further value to the pieces by fine craftmanship.

On the back of the sofa we have 181 tufting points while the back of the armchair has 49, the mirror has 168 and the piedestal itself has 268.


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address: 16. Hübner A. str., Székesfehérvár, Hungary, 8000

phone: +36 70 319 3971





Handcrafted high qulity furnitures built for luxurious enteriors.


High quality, luxury furnitures for dogs.

Why with us?

Several decades of experience in the field of furniture design, handcrafted manufacturing, and restoration.
Flexible administration, on site survey, design consulting.
Classic, environment friendly manufacturing techniques.

Roland Bakos



Capolavoro is not following fashion but dictates fashion, orienting public taste. We strive for perfection without compromise. Get to know us!

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