„Capolavoro. Masterpiece. The word that strikes through the spectator as a lighting bolt when meeting our products. Entering the eyes and lands in the heart. Art and handcrafted perrfection that transforms the material into a masterpiece." Roland Bakos, owner

About us

The team of Capolavoro was formed in 2014 by a group of craftsman who decided to establish a manufacture to build upscale furnitures and interiors for the highest demands.

The manufactory's building was choosen in Székesfehérvár, Seregélyesi st. 113 on approximately 500 sqms which consists of a carpentry, upholstery, sewing department and a presentation room for certain products.

Capolavoro is mainly active on the field of upholstering. The complex, more complicated carpentry work is done by subcontracted carpentries. Some of our products contain hand carved wooden elements that are also handmade in our manufactory.

In each case our products are made for individual orders, so we leave a free hand to our clients in the furniture design, sizing and selection of materials.

Our products are made of exclusive materials with extraordinary care and all handcrafted to achieve real spectacular views, details and to add further value to the pieces by fine workmanship.

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Team of Capolavoro



Handcrafted high qulity furnitures built for luxurious enteriors.


High quality, luxury furnitures for dogs.

Why with us?

Several decades of experience in the field of furniture design, handcrafted manufacturing, and restoration.
Flexible administration, on site survey, design consulting.
Classic, environment friendly manufacturing techniques.

Roland Bakos



Capolavoro is not following fashion but dictates fashion, orienting public taste. We strive for perfection without compromise. Get to know us!

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